Setting forward-thinking students in motion.

PS212’s Gifted program helps entrepreneurial students and recent grads define and build their venture’s brand. Gifted program participants are guided through one, two, or all three building blocks of branding at no professional fee to set student-run startups off on the right track.

Gifted is available to current undergraduate or graduate students and undergraduate and graduate students who are not more than 8-months out of graduation.

Inquiries will be reviewed on a rolling basis. Qualifying candidates will be contacted by phone or email by PS212.

Download and submit an application to or inquire with your school's entrepreneurial studies faculty.

Brand Essence

Defining your venture’s brand is the first step to relevant differentiation.

Brand positioning, brand story, and brand voice


Distilling a brand’s essence into a legally available name that accurately reflects your venture’s promise, position, and/or culture is a critical step in brand building. Done correctly, a name can inspire curiosity and cement your venture in the minds of key audiences—investors, employees, partners, and prospective clients/ customers.

Name development, name evaluations, and name registration

Visual Identity

A brand’s personality is often best communicated through deliberate design, turning up or paring down associations and emotions evoked by messaging, name, and context. Crafting a logo and supporting visual system that focuses on differentiation, relevance, and the brand’s most compelling stories.

Primary and secondary logos, supporting visual system, illustration of use